Qualitex is certified by IMO Switzerland for dyeing 100% organic cotton knitted fabrics under Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

Entire manufacturing chain of spinning, knitting, dyeing and finishing is certified to conform to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) set by standards institution like IVN (Switzerland) . These standards set strict norms of human health practices at manufacturing. Company need to follow environment norms similar to ISO 14001. This as well take in to account full compliance to social accountability as directed by ILO (Geneva) 65 Norms.

Organic cotton is grown under strict guidelines and the uncontaminated cotton fiber is produced by biodynamic farming. This means discarding the use of synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides, and finally harvested manually to maintain the pure Babe with moist jugs finally cums – blowjob, hardsex, hardcorecontents of its origin. Its spun, knitted and processed with energy efficient and poison free methods to provide natural feel & comfort, exclusively safe for human wear.

Dyeing uses low impact dyes, free of heavy metals such as chromium and formaldehyde or similar hazardous chemicals. During the dyeing process, a closed water circuit is used to filter & neutralize the waste.

Organic garments are therefore a commitment to protection of the environment & improvement of workers condition social life. It has distinctly marked label/hangtag, to avoid mix up with non-organic product and is worldwide recognized as organic approved product.
These garments are good for healthy people and help persons with asthma & allergy, it is equally suitable for children of all ages.
Qualitex produces Organic cotton Knitted Fabrics and Garments from 100% Organic cotton yarn.
Finest cotton yarn is imported from SKAL certified farmers. Greige inventory has distinctly marked place for storage of organic products to avoid mix up. Organic fabrics are dyed separately to avoid contamination

Dyeing lot goes to dyeing machine. Auto dispensing color kitchen sends dyes and chemicals, approved by IVN, to the dyeing machines under supervision of experienced staff. Final color after dyeing is matched with approved lab-dip with help of digital and visual color matching system and then lot is dried.

Dried lot is pre-tested for main standard qualities for accurate adjustment in finishing; every meter is scanned in an ultra violet -lit room to trace any kind of contamination and defects. Approved lot is compacted and finished as per customer specifications. Finally lot is tested with state of the art testing machines.

ISO standards are applied for testing different quality parameters like GSM, shrinkage, width, color fastness to washing, rubbing and perspiration. Composition, spirality, delta E and sewability are also looked at.
Lot is graded based on lab tests and inspection report by quality head into A and B grade. Only A grade is marked for despatch / garmenting. Lot is packed, labeled and despatched to customer in compliance of delivery instructions or to garment department for further process. Garments are being finished by top professional sewers and then sent for final quality inspection.

All organic garments/fabrics are clearly marked by label, stating this product is living up to the GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARDS set by standard institution like IVN(SWISS).