AS Qualitex is proud to be a member of the OEKO-TEX scheme. This symbol reflects that the fabrics and garments are beneficial to human ecology and that our production will have reduced impact on the environment during their life cycle of production use and disposal.
Qualitex is first company in region to receive IVN Certification for finishing fabrics made of organic cotton and eco friendly dyestuffs & chemicals.
Qualitex successfully achieved ISO 9001 : 2000 (Quality management system) 
ISO 14001 : 2004 (Environmental management system) certificates.
Our Mission is to satisfy the customer’s requirement. We are serving our clients and helping them to achieve success by delivering on time products of constant and expected quality.

Our quality and environmental policy is as follows:

  • We are interested in long-term and stable production.
  • In addition to client satisfaction, we are interested in final user satisfaction.
  • We try to be flexible and complying to client’s requests and wishes (concerning changes), but we do not promise impossible.
  • We take care that our employees are aware of quality and environment and would be responsible for their work results and for the good name of the company.
  • We improve our activities in area of quality and environment.
  • We improve our co-operation with sub-suppliers and if necessary we replace them with more stable and suitable partners.
  • We secure with our management system fulfilment of laws and other legal requirements and other responsibilities taken by us.
  • We work environmental friendly, save resources and avoid environmental pollution. Therefore we try to use directly or by sale as much as possible production leftovers. We take others to recycling to our co-operation partners or waste recycling company.
Quality Policy statement
QUALITEX commitment to customer: Quick response and consistent quality.
Environmental Policy statement
All Employees are committed to Continual Improvement of the environment through prevention of pollution, economical use of natural resource, waste reduction and better working environment.

Quality objectives

  • To provide customer goods of agreed Quality Standard within the agreed time period.
  • To continuously improve quality to meet the customer expectation.
  • To develop new products to meet the changing demands of customer.

Environmental objectives

  • Continual enhancing of the system with purpose to achieve improvements in overall environmental performance in line with environmental policy.
  • Continual monitoring of the environmental objectives developed in the environmental management program.
  • Study of the environmental impacts related to QUALITEX activities.
  • Control of processes with purpose to execute the agreed Environmental Policy.
  • Fulfilment of the legal acts requirements and other requirements.
  • Training of the personnel.
  • Transparent communication to the public and employees regarding environmental issues.
  • Efficient preparedness to environmental issues.
  • Efficient response to environmental events.