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Welcome to Qualitex

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QUALITEX AS is reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of high quality knitted fabric and garment in Estonia for Fashion wear, Sport wear, Baby wear, Corporate wear, Work wear, Medical wear, Uniforms, Profile wear, Thermo wear, Underwear, Organic segments in Europe, Russia & CIS, USA & UK market with support of ultra-modern technology and qualified, experienced team.

To support our Customers our product range has more than 1000 articles with different structures, compositions and colours for various end uses.

We happily accept and work with new ideas, samples and design for market requirements.

For every order we choose best available raw materials, technology and quality assurance system to create best possible product to our Clients.

Our principle of working is based on Transparency, Consistent high quality, Delivery on time, Small quantity & short delivery time, Stock service.

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Knitting Excellence

Having access to a wide range of knitting machinery, we are able to produce a eide variety of knitted products.

Dyeing Intelligence

With capacity of 100 tons per month, our fully automated dye-house is equipped with the latest high temperature and high pressure dyeing equipment enabling us to process all types of fibers and fiber blends.

Garmenting Brilliance

Our highly skilled pattern technology team works closely with the design, quality control teams and customers to ensure all requests and specifications are met and the highest standards maintained.

Take a look at

Wide range of products and materials

Fashion wear * Sportswear * Baby wear * Corporate wear * Work wear   * Uniforms  * Thermo wear * Underwear * Organic * Profile wear * Medical wear

We also do something special

Special treatments

Anti-Pilling, High Visibility (HIVIS), Flame Retardant, Dry Fit,Health Guard, Aromatherapy and Megasoft

And thats not all

Premium products and Specialisation

Organic cotton

Qualitex is certified by IMO Switzerland for dyeing 100% organic cotton knitted fabrics under Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

Work wear

We are specialized in work wear and profile wear.


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